Research Training Group in Geometry and Topology

About the RTG

Our Research Training Group (RTG) in Geometry and Topology is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation EMSW21 program. The group's activities include:

  • Postdoctoral fellowships. These are three-year postdoctoral positions funded jointly by NSF and the university, with a reduced teaching load of one course per semester, support for summer research in each of the first two years, and additional funds for travel and other research-related expenses. Sikimeti Ma'uJonathan DahlKate PoirierMatt Gill and  Kenji Kozai are former postdocs. Current RTG postdocs Ved Datar  and Khoa Nguyen arrived in Fall 2015, and current RTG postdoc James Conway arrived in Fall 2016.
  • Graduate student fellowships. Fellowship support is available for a core group of 8 to 10 graduate students whose research interests belong to the areas covered by the RTG. The RTG students normally receive one semester of research fellowship support per year, and are expected to teach the other semester. Eligibility is limited to US citizens or permanent residents.
  • Seminars. The RTG runs a differential geometry seminar, a mirror symmetry seminar, a symplectic geometry seminar and a topology seminar. Each meets weekly or biweekly for an hour, featuring research talks by students, faculty and outside visitors. In addition, there is a student geometry/topology seminar.

Summer programs

The RTG has run summer programs for both graduate students and undergraduate students.

  • Graduate summer workshops
    Morse theory (2010) 
    String topology, compactified moduli spaces and algebraic structures (2011) 
    Geometry group theory for graduate students (2012) 
    Diffeomorphism groups: algebra, topology, homology (2015) 

  • Undergraduate summer workshops
    Mapping class groups of surfaces (2010) 
    Geometry group theory for undergraduates (2012) 

  • Summer research programs for undergraduates
    Contact and symplectic geometry (2012) 
    Homological algebra (2012) 
    Symplectic embeddings (2013) 
    Computational algebraic geometry (2013) 
    Homogeneous spaces (2013) 
    Topology of Schubert varieties and their degenerations (2015) 
    Curve shortening flow (2015) 
  • Faculty members associated with the RTG

    The faculty members affiliated with the group are listed below with brief descriptions of their research interests.

    Ian Agol works on low-dimensional topology and geometric group theory.

    Denis Auroux works on mirror symmetry and Heegard-Floer homology.

    Richard Bamler works on geometric analysis.

    Michael Hutchings works on contact geometry and symplectic geometry.

    John Lott works on differential geometry and geometric analysis.

    Peter Teichner works on four-dimensional manifolds and topological quantum field theory.

    Constantin Teleman works on Gromov-Witten invariants and topological quantum field theory.

    Katrin Wehrheim works on low dimensional and symplectic topology.