Undergraduate Calendar






Tues 1/24 


[Research] Spring 2017 Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (URAP) deadline (4 PM). 

Info at http://research.berkeley.edu/urap/


Wed 1/25   

[Careers/Internships]  Spring Career Fair (through Thurs 1/26).

Info at https://career.berkeley.edu/Fairs/Fairs.stm






Most Summer REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) programs have deadlines in late February or early March for the upcoming Summer.   See http://www.ams.org/employment/reu.html for a list of programs.   Most programs require two letters of recommendation from math instructors.   REU programs provide an excellent opportunity for Pure or Applied Math undergraduates to gain research experience. 


Mon 2/1


[Course Registration]  Registration for Summer 2017 opens for UC Berkeley students.

Info at: http://summer.berkeley.edu/registration


Wed 2/15 

[Careers/Internships]  Internship & Summer Job Fair 

Info at https://career.berkeley.edu/Fairs/Fairs.stm


Fri 2/17 

[Course Registration] Last day to add or drop Spring 2017 courses

Info at http://ls-advise.berkeley.edu/deadlines.html

Note that there are a few “Early Drop Deadline” courses (none of which are in the Math Department) which have an earlier drop deadline of 1/27.


MARCH 2017



Tues 3/1

[Study Abroad] Summer 2017 Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Deadline.

Info at http://www.budapestsemesters.com


Fri 3/10

[Graduate School Admissions] Registration deadline for Mathematics GRE Subject Test to be held on 4/8/17.  Info at http://www.ets.org/gre/subject/register/centers_dates/


Fri 3/10

[Registration]  Last day to withdraw for Spring 2017, without having “semester-out” rule imposed.    Info at



Fri 3/24          

[Course Registration] Last day to change grading option from Letter Grading to Pass/No Pass or from Pass/No Pass to Letter Grading for Spring 2017 courses.


Wed 3/30


[Study Abroad] Fall 2017 Math in Moscow Deadline



APRIL 2017



Sat 4/1                          


[Study Abroad] Fall 2017 Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Deadline.

Info at http://www.budapestsemesters.com


Sat 4/8


[Graduate School Admissions] Mathematics GRE Subject Test.  (Registration Deadline for this test date is 3/10/17).   Info at http://www.ets.org/gre/subject/register/centers_dates/


Wed 4/12

[Careers/Internships]  Just in Time Job Fair (through Thurs 4/13).   

Info at https://career.berkeley.edu/Fairs/Fairs.stm


MAY 2017



Thurs 5/18         


Math Department Commencement Ceremony, 2 PM, Zellerbach Hall.

More information will be available at https://math.berkeley.edu/commencement


JUNE 2017



Mon 6/19         


Math Department Summer Session Courses Begin (End Date: 8/11)

Registration Info at: http://summer.berkeley.edu/registration

Schedule at: http://schedule.berkeley.edu/srchsmr.html