The Undergraduate Program

These pages describe our undergraduate program in Mathematics.


Other opportunities for involvement with mathematics are

  • MUSA, the Mathematics Undergraduate Student Association;
  • WIM, a network of undergraduate Women In Math at Cal;
  • The Putnam Competition, a nationwide mathematics competition.

Quantitative Reasoning (QR) Exam

The Quantitative Reasoning (QR) Exam is given the Wednesday of the first week of instruction of each semester. Please see the “Announcements” and/or “Calendar” on the Mathematics Department homepage for exact date, time and location as that information becomes available.

Receipt of a minimum score of 26 (out of 60) on this exam will fulfill the QR requirement of the College of Letters & Science. This multiple-choice exam covers precalculus topics ranging from rational expressions, exponents & radicals, linear equations, inequalities, absolute values, polynomials, functions, trigonometry, geometry, to logarithmic & exponential functions. A handout with sample questions is available from the Mathematics Department in 970 Evans Hall.

To download PDF files of a sample question set and solutions click on the corresponding link at the bottom of this page..

For additional information on the College of Letters & Science Quantitative Reasoning requirement visit


Undergraduate Calendar

Our undergraduate calendar shows important dates in the coming semester for undergraduate students.


Undergraduate Math & Applied Math Major Mailing List

Any undergraduate student majoring or intending to major in Math or Applied Math may apply for mailing list membership by sending an empty message to undergrads+subscribe [at] math [dot] berkeley [dot] edu from their bMail account.