The Graduate Program

The Department of Mathematics offers Ph.D. programs in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. The department also supports students in the Graduate Group in Logic and the Methodology of Science, an interdisciplinary doctoral program shared between the departments of Philosophy and Mathematics. At this time, we no longer offer a terminal Master's degree program. 

The Graduate Program is overseen by the Departmental Vice Chair for Graduate Affairs and the Graduate Student Affairs Officer:

  • Professor Sug Woo Shin,  Vice Chair for Graduate Affairs
  • Jon Phillips,  Graduate Student Affairs Officer, 910 Evans,  (510) 642-0665
    • Primary Staff Contact for Admissions & Recruitment and Placement; advisor for all Applied & Pure Math students in Years 1 & 2 and all Logic students
  • Isabel Seneca, Graduate Student Affairs Officer, 914 Evans, (510) 664-4802
    • Primary Staff Contact for Mathematics Funding and ASE Hiring; advisor for all Applied & Pure Math students Years 3 and beyond

For Questions Regarding Math Graduate Admissions: Please see the Admissions web page here. After reviewing the admissions website, if you have further questions please email grads-math [at] berkeley [dot] edu.