New Math Website is Here!

As of Monday, Nov. 14th, our new website is up.  The old site will continue to exist for a time at but it will not be updated.

Members of the UC Berkeley Math Department can now log in to edit their own pages.  To set up your account, use the CalNet Login link at the upper right corner of the page.  On your first login, a message will go to the webmaster, Thomas Brown, who will then assign your account authoring rights for your profile page and the pages for any courses you are teaching.  Since lots of people will be doing this all at once, please be patient at first while Thomas catches up.

Please bear in mind that a new website is always a work in progress, and we will continue to polish things up after the switchover.  Our current to do list is below.  If you find anything else that needs fixing, please send us your comments at webmaster [at] math [dot] berkeley [dot] edu or using the email form on our Contact page

To Do

Bug fixes/updating obsolete info

  • General editing for currency and phrasing
  • 'Course Offerings' should land on a 'Current Semester' node which automatically shows the right semester
  • Import bibserver listing links from old site
  • Still missing some photos for postdocs, visitors and grad students
  • Hand over Research Area pages to the section heads for updating
  • Set up page for the Research Training Group in Geometry, Topology and Operator Algebras
  • Insert staff and faculty officer contact info dynamically throughout the site
  • Update grad student offices
  • Fetch Fall 2009 / Spring 2010 colloquium schedules from the events calendar
  • Cross-link In Memoriam & Past Faculty; promote In Memoriam to the About menu
  • Add navigation to lecture series pages
  • Check page URLs match their menu positions
  • Change explicit relative node links to "internal:" links
  • Fix broken links to old site hidden in Course Announcement archive pages
  • Change the `no photo' icon to white space?
  • Update Commencement page for 2012
  • Update appointment years for current faculty (this can wait since it doesn't immediately affect any pages)
  • Edit and display unpublished Faculty entries
  • Check current and past grad students for duplicate entries and wrong names
  • Add info on recent chairs to Past Department Chairs
  • Obtain more complete data for past faculty and postdocs
  • Attach remaining photos from the old In Memoriam photo album to past faculty pages


  • Authorized user access to Dept Directory
  • Option to import selected pubs from bibserver
  • Replace Office Hours page with a dynamically generated view of the database