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News & Announcements

2016 Department Newsletter Available
"Transformation Groups in Complex Geometry", Lie Theory Workshop -- February 25-26, 2017, Conference in Honor of Alan Huckleberry
Fall 2016 Quantitative Reasoning Exam will be Wed. August 24th from 5-6:30PM in 939 Evans Hall
Congratulations to Mina Aganagic for being selected as a 2016 Simons Investigator.
Math major Kaavya Valiveti was just named the 2016 University Medalist!

Today's Events

Northern California Symplectic Geometry Seminar: The conormal torus is a complete knot invariant/Small-amplitude solutions for space-multidimensional hamiltonian PDEs under periodic boundary conditions
String-Math Seminar: 3d Theories, Boundaries, and Representations
Analysis and PDE Seminar: Mass-critical inverse Strichartz theorems for 1d Schrödinger operators