Summer 2016 MATH 126 001 LEC

Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
001 LECMTuWTh 1-2P 385 LECONTEO'NEILL, K W39924
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406/20-08/12/16Limit:35 Enrolled:29 Waitlist:0 Avail Seats:6 [on 07/21/16]

Summer Fees: UC Undergraduate \$1,624.00, UC Graduate \$2,040.00, Visiting \$1,920.00

Note: Also: EVANS, L C; MW 2-3P, 385 LECONTE

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Prerequisites: 53 and 54

Description: Waves and diffusion, initial value problems for hyperbolic and parabolic equations, boundary value problems for elliptic equations, Green's functions, maximum principles, a priori bounds, Fourier transform.


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Grading: Letter grade. Final exam required.


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