Spring 2023 MATH 54 001 LEC

Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
001 LECMoWeFr 12:00PM - 12:59PMDwinelle 155Norman V Sheu24581
UnitsEnrollment StatusSession
4Open2023 Spring, January 17 - May 05
101 DISMoWeFr 01:00PM - 01:59PMHearst Field Annex B1Xiaoyu Huang22058
102 DISMoWeFr 02:00PM - 02:59PMDwinelle 259Svala Sverrisdottir22059
103 DISMoWeFr 03:00PM - 03:59PMDwinelle 83Philip LaPorte22060
104 DISMoWeFr 04:00PM - 04:59PMEvans 6Irit Huq-Kuruvilla22061
105 DISMoWeFr 05:00PM - 05:59PMDwinelle 255Yuji Okitani22062
107 DISMoWeFr 06:00PM - 06:59PMDwinelle 247Yuji Okitani22064
108 DISMoWeFr 02:00PM - 02:59PMWheeler 126Iris Rosenblum-Sellers22065
109 DISMoWeFr 05:00PM - 05:59PMValley Life Sciences 2032Philip LaPorte22066
110 DISMoWeFr 01:00PM - 01:59PMEvans 6Svala Sverrisdottir22067
111 DISMoWeFr 01:00PM - 01:59PMEvans 9Fangu Chen22068
112 DISMoWeFr 02:00PM - 02:59PMEvans 9Fangu Chen22069
113 DISMoWeFr 02:00PM - 02:59PMEvans 6Yannis Tristan Wells22070
114 DISMoWeFr 03:00PM - 03:59PMEvans 9Xiaoyu Huang22071
115 DISMoWeFr 03:00PM - 03:59PMEvans 2Irit Huq-Kuruvilla22072
116 DISMoWeFr 05:00PM - 05:59PMEvans 9Daniel Bijan Etaat22073
117 DISMoWeFr 01:00PM - 01:59PMEvans 748Yannis Tristan Wells23678
118 DISMoWeFr 03:00PM - 03:59PMEvans 736Iris Rosenblum-Sellers23679
119 DISMoWeFr 04:00PM - 04:59PMEvans 736Daniel Bijan Etaat25482
Additional Information: 

Prerequisites 1B, N1B, 10B, or N10B

Description Basic linear algebra; matrix arithmetic and determinants. Vector spaces; inner product spaces. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors; orthogonality, symmetric matrices. Linear second-order differential equations; first-order systems with constant coefficients. Fourier series.

Logistics: The two MATH54 classes 001 (Kelli Talaska) and 002 (Katrin Wehrheim) will be fully coordinated – same contents, structure, and assignments. We will keep what worked well in the fall 2021 structure below and make some upgrades such as mastery grading. In particular, there will be midterm and final projects, rather than timed exams, and there is no need to purchase a textbook.

Instead, regular attendance in both sections and lectures will be necessary for learning – as well as achieving a passing grade. So please don't sign up for this course (or a section) if you cannot attend it. However, you are welcome to attend either the MWF 12-1 lectures or the TR 9:30-11 lectures – no matter which class you are registered for. One caveat: If you go to the MWF12-1 lectures, then your Wednesday section needs to be after 1pm to make any sense. 

For MATH49 enrollment see here.