Spring 2021 MATH 222B 001 LEC

Partial Differential Equations
001 LECTuTh 11:00AM - 12:29PMInternet/OnlineMaciej R Zworski22864
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4Open2021 Spring, January 19 - May 07
Additional Information: 

Prerequisites 222A

Description: The first part of the course will cover Sobolev spaces, Gagliardo--Nirenberg--Sobolev and Morrey inequalties, Schauder estimates and some applications. We will continue with basic microlocal analysis with applications to hyperbolic equations (the Cauchy problem via energy estimates and the parametrix constructions), unique continuation and other topics.  Basic Fourier analysis and theory of distributions (as covered in 222A in the Fall of 2020) are the only prerequisites.

Office Hours: Wed 2-4 PM (via Zoom)

Required Text:  "Partial Differential Equations" by LC Evans (available on-line to UC students at https://bookstore.ams.org/ ) and  "Microlocal Analysis for Differential Operators" by A Grigis and J Sjostrand (available on-line to UC students at https://www.cambridge.org/ )

Grading Letter grade.

Homework weekly homework assignments (total of 8 assignments)

Course Webpage  https://math.berkeley.edu/~zworski/222B_21.html