Spring 2020 MATH 16A 001 LEC

Analytic Geometry and Calculus
001 LECMoWeFr 12:00PM - 12:59PMValley Life Sciences 2050Kelli Talaska20279
UnitsEnrollment StatusSession
3Open2020 Spring, January 21 - May 08
101 DISTh 08:00AM - 09:29AMStanley 179Safia Dziri20280
102 DISTh 08:00AM - 09:29AMCory 285Rafael Vigario Coelho20281
103 DISTh 09:30AM - 10:59AMCory 237Rafael Vigario Coelho20282
104 DISTh 09:30AM - 10:59AMStanley 179Safia Dziri20283
105 DISTh 11:00AM - 12:29PMDwinelle 211Rafael Vigario Coelho20284
106 DISTh 11:00AM - 12:29PMLatimer 122Utkarsh Yadav24004
107 DISTh 12:30PM - 01:59PMEvans 2Safia Dziri20285
108 DISTh 12:30PM - 01:59PMEvans 81Utkarsh Yadav20286
109 DISTh 02:00PM - 03:29PMHearst Gym 245Ella Sandrine Parsons20287
110 DISTh 02:00PM - 03:29PMKroeber 115Utkarsh Yadav20288
111 DISTh 03:30PM - 04:59PMCory 285Ella Sandrine Parsons20289
112 DISTh 05:00PM - 06:29PMCory 285Ella Sandrine Parsons20290
Additional Information: 

Prerequisites Three years of high school math, including trigonometry. Consult the mathematics department for details

Description This sequence is intended for majors in the life and social sciences. Calculus of one variable; derivatives, definite integrals and applications, maxima and minima, and applications of the exponential and logarithmic functions.

Exams: Please note this section of Math 16A has an evening midterm on Wednesday, April 1, between 7 and 9pm.  Do not schedule conflicting activities at this time.

Office 785 Evans

Office Hours TBD

Required Text: 

Calculus with Applications
Lial, Greenwell, and Ritchey 
11th edition, ISBN: 9780321979421

Use other editions at your own risk. Please note the department has negotiated a greatly reduced price for this textbook, so the campus bookstore will most likely be the cheapest place to buy it and possibly to rent it. The campus bookstore price is about $95, so you should not pay more than that. You are NOT required to have an online access code.

Homework: Lots

Instructor's Webpage: https://math.berkeley.edu/~talaska/index.php