Spring 2018 MATH 257 001 LEC

Group Theory
001 LECMoWeFr 01:00PM - 01:59PMEvans 31Mariusz Wodzicki39253
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Prerequisites: H113 or an equivalent

Description: Among all algebraic structures, groups possess perhaps the most beautiful and most exciting theory, especially finite groups. Arguments tend to be deep, clever, remarkable. My intention is to provide an in depth modern coverage of the theory, presenting some of the most powerful methods (e.g., transfer, fusion) as “finite” manifestations of the infinite-dimensional world of Topology, Mathematical Physics, and Algebraic Geometry. I hope to shed new light on certain results and methods considered to be the pillars of classical group theory from a thoroughly modern point view. 

Office: 995 Evans Hall

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Required Text: my lectures

Recommended Reading: will be provided throughout the semester

Grading: Letter grade.


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