Spring 2017 MATH 277 001 LEC

Topics in Differential Geometry
001 LECTuTh 2:00PM - 3:29PMEvans 5Richard Bamler18351
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Prerequisites: Consent of instructor

Description: Geometric and analytic aspects of Ricci curvature

Possible Topics:
  • Bishop-Gromove Volume Comparison and applications,
  • Cheeger-Gromoll Splitting,
  • Geometric convergence under curvature and injectivity radius bounds,
  • diffeomorphism finiteness,
  • convergence theory of Einstein metrics,
  • Cheeger’s Diffeomorphism Stability Theorem,
  • analytic estimates on spaces with lower Ricci curvature bounds (heat kernel bounds, gradient estimates for harmonic functions),
  • Perelman’s Topological Stability Theorem,
  • Colding’s Volume Convergence Theorem,
  • Cheeger-Colding’s Cone Rigidity Theorem,
  • structure theory of geometric limits of spaces with lower Ricci curvature bounds


Office: Evans 705

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Grading: Letter grade.


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