Spring 2017 MATH 151 001 LEC

Mathematics of the Secondary School Curriculum I
001 LECMoWeFr 10:00AM - 10:59AMEvans 70Ole Hald18265
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101 DISWe 11:00AM - 11:59AMEvans 9Ole Hald18266
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Prerequisites: 1A-1B, 53, or equivalent

Description: Math 151 is the first in the series 151-153, which when combined with the CalTeach program leads to the California Teaching Credential without needing a Master's Degree. The 151-153 sequence prepares the student to teach math in High School and grades 7-8. Throughout the sequence, we present complete proofs for the results that high school students must learn, and the proofs are chosen so they can be understood by a high school student. In the first part of Math 151 we develop the theory for fractions and Rational Numbers, and do a bit of number theory. In the second half of 151 we use a small set of axioms to create a foundation for Geometry, and end with a discussion of linear equations.


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Grading: Homework (25%), no Quizzes, 2 midterms (15%, 15%), Final (45%)


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