Spring 2017 MATH 113 006 LEC

Introduction to Abstract Algebra
006 LECMoWeFr 11:00AM - 11:59AMDwinelle 209Hongbin Sun18244
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Prerequisites: 54 or a course with equivalent linear algebra content

Description: Sets and relations. The integers, congruences, and the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic. Groups and their factor groups. Commutative rings, ideals, and quotient fields. The theory of polynomials: Euclidean algorithm and unique factorizations. The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra. Fields and field extensions.

Office: 751 Evans

Office Hours: Monday 10:00-11:00, 4:00-5:00, Wednesday 1:00-2:00

Required Text: Dummit & Foote, Abstract Algebra, 3rd edition

Recommended Reading: Homework 20% + Midterm 1 20% + Midterm 2 20% + Final 40%.


Homework: due weekly on Wednesday 3pm

Course Webpage: http://math.berkeley.edu/~hongbins/m113s17.html