Spring 2016 MATH 24 001 SEM

Freshman Seminars
001 SEMTu 2-330P 939 EVANSWEINSTEIN, A D53714
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Restrictions: FR

Note: "Hands-on Geometry"

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Prerequisites: Math 1A.  Further calculus is useful but not necessary.

Description: What does calculus tell us about the shape of a piece of fruit?  The mathematical field of differential geometry uses ideas from calculus to study geometric figures.  A central notion in this field is that of curvature, which measures the deviation from "straightness" in curves, surfaces, and geometric objects in higher dimensions.  (For instance, the force of gravity may be interpreted in general relativity as coming from the curvature of space time associated with the presence of matter.)  In this freshman seminar, each week will feature an investigation which will frequently involve the measurement of concrete curved objects, such as bent wires, drinking glasses, or pears.

The main reference for the course will be the book, "Exploring Curvature," by Professor James Casey of our Department of Mechanical Engineering.  

Office: 825 Evans Hall

Office Hours: to be announced

Required Text: "Exploring Curvature," by James Casey (Springer, 1996)

Recommended Reading: 

Grading: P/NP

Homework: Each student will be expected to participate (with one or two others) in one week's presentation.

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