Spring 2016 MATH 191 001 SEM

Experimental Courses in Mathematics
001 SEMTuTh 2-330P 891 EVANSGERIG, C A54308
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Note: Also: LOTT, J W

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Prerequisites: Ability to write proofs and willingness to work on open-ended problems. Math 55 and at least one 100 level math course strongly preferred.

Description: Introduction to Research via Knot Theory. The mathematical study of knots aims to understand how 1-dimensional objects behave inside 3-dimensional space, and this includes the building of invariants to distinguish knots. Inspiration comes from the physical knots in our world, and applications arise in modern geometry, biology, and physics. Knots can be studied from many mathematical levels and points of view, and this provides an ideal gateway into research.

Grading: One short and one long project (including progress report and in-class presentation). Write-ups using LaTeX will be required for each project. Exercises may occasionally be assigned.

Comments: Each student will have considerable latitude in finding problems that fit their interest. Students will work in small groups on these problems, with the majority of this work completed outside of class.

Office Hours: by appointment

Course Webpage: TBA

Required Text: "The Knot Book" by Colin Adams (only used as a foundation to branch off from).