Spring 2016 MATH 185 002 LEC

Introduction to Complex Analysis
002 LECTuTh 8-930A 534 DAVISHUTCHINGS, M54296
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Prerequisites: 104 or equivalent

Description: Analytic functions of a complex variable. Cauchy's integral theorem, power series, Laurent series, singularities of analytic functions, the residue theorem with application to definite integrals. Some additional topics such as conformal mapping.

Office: 923 Evans

Office Hours: TBA, probably on Tuesday

Required Text: Theodore Gamelin, "Complex Analysis", Springer. If you connect to the internet through the UCB network or proxy server, then you can (legally!) download the book for free from link.springer.com.

Recommended Reading: The classic textbook by Ahlfors is more challenging but very good. There are also many other complex analysis textbooks available.

Grading: Homework 25%, two midterms 25% each, final exam 50%, lowest exam score -25%.

Homework: Will be assigned weekly.

Course Webpage: Will be linked from math.berkeley.edu/~hutching