Spring 2016 MATH 135 001 LEC

Introduction to the Theory of Sets
001 LECMWF 9-10A 6 EVANSRATNER, M54269
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Prerequisites: None. But the ability to understand and write proofs is required.

Description: Content:  Zermelo-Frenkel Axiomatic System.  Operations on sets. Relations, Ordering, Functions, Equivalences. Cardinal Numbers and their arithmetic. Order types and their arithmetic.  The theory of Natural Numbers.  The Axiom of Choice. Well-Ordering. Ordinals and their arithmetic. Transfinite Induction. Zorn's Lemma. Alephs.

Office:  827 Evans Hall

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Required Text:  Herbert Enderton "Elements of Set Theory"

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Grading: The grade will be based 10% on a weekly homework, 25% on quizzes, 25% on a Midterm and 40% on a  Final Exam.


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