Spring 2015 MATH H53 001 LEC

Honors Multivariable Calculus
001 LECMWF 3-4P 70 EVANSSUN, H53816
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412: WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 2015 7-10PLimit:35 Enrolled:23 Waitlist:0 Avail Seats:12 [on 03/22/15]
101 DISW 2-3P 3109 ETCHEVERRYJIN, L53819
Additional Information: 

Prerequisites: Math 1B

Syllabus: Honors version of 53. Parametric equations and polar coordinates. Vectors in 2- and 3-dimensional Euclidean spaces. Partial derivatives. Multiple integrals. Vector calculus. Line and surface integrals. Theorems of Green and Stokes. We will emphasize on proofs of theorems as well as computational techniques. The homework/exams will be more challenging.

Office: 751 Evans 

Office Hours: M 4-5, W 1-2, F 2-3

Required Text: James Stewart, Multivariable Calculus, Early Transcendentals for UC Berkeley, Seventh Edition

Recommended Reading: 

Grading: 10% homework, 10% quizzes, 20% midterm 1, 20% midterm 2, 40% final.

Homework: Weekly homework will be due at the discussion session.

Course Webpage: https://math.berkeley.edu/~hongbins/mh53s15.html