Spring 2015 MATH 278 001 LEC

Topics in Analysis
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Prerequisites: Hilbert space operators. Some basic classical probability notions may be useful background, but  will not be assumed.

Syllabus: I will provide an introduction to free probability and to the recent realization that the theory has an extension which may be called bi-free probability or free probability for pairs of faces. [ Free probability is the study of freeness, a highly noncommutative notion of independence. Applications include random matrices and the operator algebras of free groups. There is also a combinatorial side involving non-crossing partitions.]

Office: 783 Evans

Office Hours: TBA

Required Text: there is no required text. You will use the notes you will take in class from the lectures.

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Grading: a few homeworks and participation in the discussions in class will be the basis for the grades.

Homework:  there will be a few homeworks.

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