Spring 2015 MATH 219 001 LEC

Dynamical Systems
001 LECTuTh 11-1230P 5 EVANSZWORSKI, M R54401
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Prerequisites: 214.

Syllabus: Diffeomorphisms and flows on manifolds. Ergodic theory. Completely integrable systems. Entropy. 

Office: 801

Office Hours: Tue 2:10-3:30 PM or by appointment

Required Text: 

Recommended Reading: On-line lecture notes by F. Rezakhanlou and by S. Nonnenmacher, and (for completely integrable systems) Notes on Dynamical Systems by J. Moser and E. Zehnder.

Grading: The grade will be based on a final project. The subject should be chosen around the middle of the semester. A ten page paper (or so) on a topic related to the course, expository or experimental, is expected.


Course Webpage: https://math.berkeley.edu/~zworski/219.html