Spring 2014 MATH 242 001 LEC

Symplectic Geometry
001 LECTuTh 930-11A 81 EVANSHUTCHINGS, M54423
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Prerequisites: 214.

Syllabus: The course has two parts. The first part will cover basic definitions and lemmas, corresponding to most of the catalog description (symplectic linear algebra, symplectic manifolds, Darboux theorem, cotangent bundles, variational problems and Lengendre transform, hamiltonian systems, lagrangian submanifolds, Poisson brackets, symmetry groups and momentum mappings, coadjoint orbits, Kahler manifolds). The second part will introduce holomorphic curves and their applications to symplectic topology, skipping hard analysis proofs.

Office: 923 Evans.

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Recommended Reading: For basic definitions and lemmas, the book by Ana Cannas da Silva, "Lectures on Symplectic Geometry", available for free online, is very useful. "Introduction to symplectic topology" by McDuff and Salamon is a good introduction to some more advanced topics.



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