Spring 2014 MATH 222B 001 LEC

Partial Differential Equations
001 LECMWF 1-2P 31 EVANSEVANS, L C54405
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Prerequisites: 105 or 202A.

Syllabus: The theory of boundary value and initial value problems for partial differential equations, with emphasis on nonlinear equations. Second-order elliptic equations, parabolic and hyperbolic equations, calculus of variations methods, additional topics selected by instructor.

Office: 1033 Evans Hall

Office Hours: 2-3 MWF

Required Text: Evans, Partial Differential Equations (2nd edition)

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Grading: take home midterm (25 %), homework (25 %), take home final exam (50 %)

Homework: I assign a homework problem at the start of each lecture, due in one week.

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