Spring 2013 MATH 54 002 LEC

Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
Units/CreditFinal Exam GroupEnrollment
412Limit:448 Enrolled:417 Waitlist:0 Avail Seats:31 [on 06/26/13]
201 DISTuTh 8-930A 35 EVANSCOOK, W54001
202 DISTuTh 8-930A 31 EVANSMANNISTO, L P54004
203 DISTuTh 930-11A 35 EVANSCOOK, W54007
204 DISTuTh 930-11A 51 EVANSMANNISTO, L P54010
205 DISTuTh 11-1230P 31 EVANSWRAY, K L54013
206 DISTuTh 11-1230P 35 EVANSLEE, M54016
207 DISTuTh 1230-2P 55 EVANSAGRAWAL, S54019
208 DISTuTh 1230-2P 51 EVANSWRAY, K L54022
209 DISTuTh 2-330P 55 EVANSAGRAWAL, S54025
210 DISTuTh 2-330P 61 EVANSCHEN, H I54028
211 DISTuTh 330-5P 61 EVANSCHEN, H I54031
212 DISTuTh 330-5P 39 EVANSBRODSKY, S B54034
213 DISTuTh 330-5P 55 EVANSSHEN, K54037
214 DISTuTh 5-630P 31 EVANSBRODSKY, S B54040
215 DISTuTh 5-630P 35 EVANSJIN, X54043
216 DISTuTh 2-330P 255 DWINELLE (effective 01/22/13)JIN, X54045
217 DISTuTh 2-330P B56 HILDEBRAND (effective 01/24/13) 55195
Additional Information: 

Prerequisites: 1B.

Syllabus: Basic linear algebra; matrix arithmetic and determinants. Vector spaces; inner product as spaces. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors; linear transformations. (9 weeks)

Homogeneous ordinary differential equations; first-order differential equations with constant coefficients. Fourier series and partial differential equations. (5 weeks)

Office: 905 Evans Hall

Office Hours: TBA

Required Text: Lay, Linear Algebra;Nagel, Saff & Snyder, Differential Equations. Custom Berkeley edition in 1 volume 

Recommended Reading: 

Grading: Three in-class tests and a final exam, 20% each. Lowest in-class test score is discarded. Homework+Section participation+weekly quizzes, 40%. 

Homework: Due twice a week, in section (Tu and Th)

Course Webpage: Will be on bSpace