Spring 2013 MATH 241 001 LEC

Complex Manifolds
001 LECMWF 1-2P 61 EVANS (effective 02/06/13)TELEMAN, C54454
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Prerequisites: 214 and 215A.

Syllabus: Riemann surfaces, divisors and line bundles on Riemann surfaces, differentials and the Riemann-Roch theorem. Line bundles and Abel-Jacobi theorem. Complex manifolds, Kahler metrics, sheaf and Dolbeault cohomology. Basic Hodge theory, line bundles, Kodaira's vanishing and embedding theorems.

Office: 905 Evans

Office Hours: TBA

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Recommended Reading: Notes on Riemann surfaces, http://math.berkeley.edu/~teleman/math/Riemann.pdf.

Griffiths&Harris, Principles of Algebraic Geometry. Wells, Differential Analysis on complex Manifolds.

Grading: Homework and a final paper/presentation


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