Spring 2013 MATH 240 001 LEC

Riemannian Geometry
001 LECTuTh 11-1230P 71 EVANSLOTT, J W54451
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Prerequisites: 214.

Syllabus: The first 2/3 of the semester will be devoted to basic topics of Riemannian geometry, such as Riemannian metrics, connections, geodesics, Riemannian curvature and relations to topology. The last few weeks will be an introduction to Ricci flow.  During the reading week, each student will give a 30 minute talk on a topic of their choice related to the class. 

Office: 897 Evans

Office Hours: 12:30-1:30

Required Text: John Lee, Riemannian Manifolds, Springer Graduate Texts in Mathematics.

Recommended Reading: 

Grading:  70% homework, 20% talk, 10% attendance at talks

Homework: Weekly homework assignments will be given.

Course Webpage: http://math.berkeley.edu/~lott/teaching.html