Spring 2013 MATH 214 001 LEC

Differentiable Manifolds
001 LECTuTh 2-330P 105 LATIMER (effective 01/31/13)HUTCHINGS, M54421
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Prerequisites: Real analysis, linear algebra, and basic point set topology. 202A is not really necessary. Exposure to some of the material in 140, 141, or 142 may be helpful but is not required.

Syllabus: Official syllabus: "Smooth manifolds and maps, tangent and normal bundles. Sard's theorem and transversality, Whitney embedding theorem. Morse functions, differential forms, Stokes' theorem, Frobenius theorem. Basic degree theory. Flows, Lie derivative, Lie groups and algebras. Additional topics selected by instructor."

Office: 923 Evans.

Office Hours: TBA

Required Text: John Lee, Introduction to Smooth Manifolds, second edition.

Recommended Reading: Spivak, A Comprehensive Introduction to Differential Geometry, volume I.

Grading: based on homework.

Homework: weekly.

Course Webpage: will be linked from math.berkeley.edu/~hutching