Spring 2013 MATH 191 002 SEM

Experimental Courses in Mathematics
002 SEMTuTh 930-11A 740 EVANSLOTT, J W54285
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Prerequisites:  Math 53 and one more advanced mathematics course (or approval of instructor)

Syllabus:  Surfaces are the mathematical objects which describe many of the shapes we see in everyday life, like a beach ball or the surface of a donut.  Surfaces can be visualized and described in several simple ways, yet they exhibit a surprising amount of mathematical structure and continue to play a central role in current areas of math and physics research. We will use surfaces to introduce and study the connection between several subjects in modern mathematics.

The lectures will follow the text book “Lectures on Surfaces: Almost Everything You Wanted to Know About Them,” by A. Katok and V. Climenhaga.  The goal of the course, in addition to introducing students to concepts in modern geometry, will be to give students the experience of doing research-style mathematics. Students will work on somewhat open-ended problems in small groups, culminating in a final project.  In addition to lecture, some class time will be used for “tutorial-style” instruction, allowing groups to meet with the instructor to discuss the subject of their projects.

Each student will have considerable latitude in finding problems that fit his or her interests.  Students will work in small groups on these problems, with the majority of this work completed outside of class.


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Grading:  50% final project, 20% short project, 20% homework, 10% class participation


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