Spring 2012 MATH 277 001 LEC

Topics in Differential Geometry
001 LECMWF 1-2P 81 EVANSLOTT, J W54557
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Office: 897 Evans
Office Hours: MWF 2:00-3:00pm
Prerequisites: Math 240 or equivalent
Required Text: Ballmann, Lectures on Kaehler Manifolds, European Mathematics Society.
Syllabus: Kaehler geometry is the meeting place of differential geometry, complex geometry and symplectic geometry. As such, it is useful in both differential geometry and algebraic geometry. We will cover the basics of Kaehler geometry and then discuss Kaehler-Einstein manifolds and Kaehler-Ricci flow, as time permits. No prior knowledge of Ricci flow is necessary.
Grading: Based on homework.
Homework: Occasional homework assignments will be given.