Spring 2012 MATH 275 001 LEC

Topics in Applied Mathematics
001 LECTuTh 930-11A 5 EVANSPROPP, J54554
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Prerequisites: Graduate probability.
Required Text: None
Recommended Reading: "Statistical Mechanics," (http://www.amazon.com/Statistical-Mechanics-Park-City-Mathematic/dp/082184671X#reader_082184671X).
Syllabus: This course will explore some of the main themes of the special semester at MSRI on random spatial processes, by way of detailed study of two specific kinds of random spatial processes: the random surface model arising from the dimer model on a lattice (as studied in work of Kenyon, Okounkov, and Sheffield) and internal diffusion-limited aggregation or internal DLA (as studied in work of Jerison, Levine, and Sheffield). If time permits, the course will also discuss other topics of contemporary interest, such as the Gaussian free field and its relation to the dimer model and internal DLA.
Comments: In addition to discussing the mathematical topics listed above, I also plan to address broader professional questions, such as "What are some characteristics of a good research program?"