Spring 2012 MATH 24 002 SEM

Freshman Seminars
002 SEMTu 3-4P 891 EVANSHARRISON, V C53917
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Note: "What is Happening in Math and Science?"

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Office: 829 Evans
Office Hours: TBA
Syllabus: In this seminar, we will discuss the latest
developments in science and math. Students will present short oral
reports from articles of their choice in the Science Times, Scientific
American, Science News, or articles in What is Happening in the
Mathematical Sciences. Discussion and debate are encouraged especially
when controversial or challenging issues arise, e.g., cloning of organs,
string theory, stem cell research, and geopolitics of global warming.
Students are encouraged to think of applications and possibilities of
new research projects. Brainstorming and creative thinking are
encouraged! This seminar is intended for students who love math and
science and want to discuss the latest developments in an atmosphere
that fosters creative thought. Students considering a major in math or
science have found this seminar a useful resource to help clarify their
choice. This seminar is part of the Connections@Cal initiative.
Comments: Jenny Harrison obtained her Ph.D. in mathematics in
Warwick, England. She has taught at Oxford, Princeton, and Yale, as well
as UC Berkeley. Her research interests include a new quantum calculus
that applies equally to charged particles, fractals, smooth surfaces,
and soap films. Applications of this theory to sciences may arise during
this seminar.
Faculty web site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jenny_Harrison