Spring 2012 MATH 140 001 LEC

Metric Differential Geometry
001 LECMWF 3-4P 6 EVANSLOTT, J W54332
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Office: 897 Evans
Office Hours: MWF 2:00-3:00pm
Prerequisites: Math 104 or Math 121B
Required Text: Pressley, Elementary Differential Geometry, Springer.
Syllabus: Frenet formulas, isoperimetric inequality, local theory of surfaces in Euclidean space, first and second fundamental forms, Gaussian and mean curvature, isometries, geodesics, parallelism, the Gauss-Bonnet-Von Dyck Theorem.
Grading: 1/2 homework, 1/3 final, 1/6 midterm
Homework: Homework will be assigned periodically
Comments: UC students can download the text for free from oskicat.berkeley.edu. You may want to review the material in Appendix 0.