Fall 2021 MATH 206 001 LEC

Banach Algebras and Spectral Theory
001 LECTuTh 02:00PM - 03:29PMDwinelle 225Dan-Virgil Voiculescu25979
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4Open2021 Fall, August 25 - December 10
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Prerequisites 202A-202B

Description Banach algebras. Spectrum of a Banach algebra element. Gelfand theory of commutative Banach algebras. Analytic functional calculus. Hilbert space operators. C*-algebras of operators. Commutative C*-algebras. Spectral theorem for bounded self-adjoint and normal operators (both forms: the spectral integral and the "multiplication operator" formulation). Riesz theory of compact operators. Hilbert-Schmidt operators. Fredholm operators. The Fredholm index. Selected additional topics.


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Grading Letter grade.


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