Fall 2021 MATH 202A 001 LEC

Introduction to Topology and Analysis
001 LECTuTh 09:30AM - 10:59AMValley Life Sciences 2040Marc A Rieffel22271
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4Open2021 Fall, August 25 - December 10
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Prerequisites 104

Description Metric spaces and general topological spaces. Compactness and connectedness. Characterization of compact metric spaces. Theorems of Tychonoff, Urysohn, Tietze. Complete spaces and the Baire category theorem. Function spaces; Arzela-Ascoli and Stone-Weierstrass theorems. Partitions of unity. Locally compact spaces; one-point compactification. Introduction to measure and integration. Sigma algebras of sets. Measures and outer measures. Lebesgue measure on the line and Rn. Construction of the integral. Dominated convergence theorem.


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