Fall 2019 MATH 278 001 LEC

Topics in Analysis
001 LECTuTh 12:30PM - 01:59PMEvans 51 26275
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Prerequisites:  Familiarity with elementary differential geometry (tensor analysis on manifolds) and PDEs (wave equations, the method of characteristics).

Description:  (Course Topic:  General Relativity in Spherical Symmetry)  The aim of this course to introduce and discuss recent developments in general relativity in the simplified setting of spherical symmetry, which allows one to penetrate quickly to the heart of the matter with little technical distractions. After an introduction to basic Lorentzian geometry and general relativity, we will restrict ourselves to spherical symmetry and cover topics such as stability of the Minkowski spacetime, Penrose's incompleteness theorem, Penrose's inequality, the formation of trapped surfaces, stability/instability of black hole spacetimes, weak and strong cosmic censorship conjectures etc.

This course is scheduled to be taught by Professor Sung-Jin Oh (new faculty member)


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Grading: Letter grade.


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