Fall 2018 MATH 54 003 LEC

Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
003 LECMoWeFr 01:00PM - 01:59PMValley Life Sciences 2050John W. Lott24088
UnitsEnrollment Status
301 DISTuTh 08:00AM - 09:29AMBarker 110Emily Bain24175
302 DISTuTh 08:00AM - 09:29AMDwinelle 205Mostafa Adnane24176
303 DISTuTh 12:30PM - 01:59PMEvans 5Emily Bain24177
304 DISTuTh 08:00AM - 09:29AMDwinelle 258Saghi Sadoughi Sadoughi Khosroshahi24178
305 DISTuTh 11:00AM - 12:29PMEvans 85Mubarek Saleh Hassen24179
306 DISTuTh 11:00AM - 12:29PMStanley 179Magda L Hlavacek24180
307 DISTuTh 11:00AM - 12:29PMEvans 70Saghi Sadoughi Sadoughi Khosroshahi24802
308 DISTuTh 12:30PM - 01:59PMCory 285Jeffmin Lin24181
309 DISTuTh 12:30PM - 01:59PMLatimer 105Mubarek Saleh Hassen24182
310 DISTuTh 12:30PM - 01:59PMDwinelle 179Magda L Hlavacek24183
311 DISTuTh 03:30PM - 04:59PMLatimer 102Jeffmin Lin24803
312 DISTuTh 03:30PM - 04:59PMEvans 87Luya Wang24184
313 DISTuTh 03:30PM - 04:59PMCory 285Guillaume Massas24185
314 DISTuTh 05:00PM - 06:29PMEvans 81Luya Wang24186
315 DISTuTh 05:00PM - 06:29PMEvans 85Mostafa Adnane24187
316 DISTuTh 05:00PM - 06:29PMEvans 87Guillaume Massas24188
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Prerequisites: 1B or 10B. Mathematics 10B

Description: Basic linear algebra; matrix arithmetic and determinants. Vector spaces; inner product spaces. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors; orthogonality, symmetric matrices. Linear second-order differential equations; first-order systems with constant coefficients. Fourier series, application to partial differential equations.


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