Fall 2017 MATH 54 002 LEC

Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
002 LECMoWeFr 03:00PM - 03:59PMValley Life Sciences 2050Lin Lin16586
UnitsEnrollment Status
201 DISMoWeFr 08:00AM - 08:59AMKroeber 115Mariana Vicaria16338
202 DISMoWeFr 08:00AM - 08:59AMDwinelle 258Yanhe Huang16339
203 DISMoWeFr 09:00AM - 09:59AMEvans 5Yanhe Huang16498
204 DISMoWeFr 09:00AM - 09:59AMKroeber 115Mariana Vicaria16499
205 DISMoWeFr 10:00AM - 10:59AMCory 285Christopher W Eur16500
206 DISMoWeFr 10:00AM - 10:59AMEvans 5Kyle Russ-Navarro16501
207 DISMoWeFr 11:00AM - 11:59AMEvans 87Kyle Russ-Navarro16502
208 DISMoWeFr 11:00AM - 11:59AMCory 285Christopher W Eur16503
209 DISMoWeFr 12:00PM - 12:59PMEvans 81Jeffmin Lin16504
210 DISMoWeFr 12:00PM - 12:59PMEvans 75Angxiu Ni16505
211 DISMoWeFr 01:00PM - 01:59PMHildebrand B51Kathleen Michelle Lamont16506
212 DISMoWeFr 01:00PM - 01:59PMEvans 71Angxiu Ni31431
213 DISMoWeFr 02:00PM - 02:59PMDwinelle 105Yi LAi16520
214 DISMoWeFr 02:00PM - 02:59PMDwinelle 205Jeffmin Lin16521
216 DISMoWeFr 04:00PM - 04:59PMDwinelle 183Kathleen Michelle Lamont17222
217 DISMoWeFr 05:00PM - 05:59PMEvans 85Yi LAi17223
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Prerequisites: 1B

Description: Basic linear algebra; matrix arithmetic and determinants. Vector spaces; inner product as spaces. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors; linear transformations. Homogeneous ordinary differential equations; first-order differential equations with constant coefficients. Fourier series and partial differential equations.


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