Fall 2017 MATH 53 001 LEC

Multivariable Calculus
001 LECMoWeFr 02:00PM - 02:59PMDwinelle 155Denis Auroux16416
UnitsEnrollment Status
101 DISMoWeFr 08:00AM - 08:59AMEvans 70Nima Moini16394
102 DISMoWeFr 08:00AM - 08:59AMLatimer 105Ritwik Ghosh16551
103 DISMoWeFr 09:00AM - 09:59AMEvans 70Nima Moini16552
104 DISMoWeFr 09:00AM - 09:59AMLatimer 105Ritwik Ghosh16553
105 DISMoWeFr 10:00AM - 10:59AMLatimer 105Kyeongsik Sik Nam16554
106 DISMoWeFr 10:00AM - 10:59AMHildebrand B51Jasper Yuanjing Wang Deng16555
107 DISMoWeFr 11:00AM - 11:59AMHildebrand B51Jasper Yuanjing Wang Deng16556
108 DISMoWeFr 11:00AM - 11:59AMHildebrand B56Kyeongsik Sik Nam16557
109 DISMoWeFr 12:00PM - 12:59PMLatimer 105Michael J Yeh16558
110 DISMoWeFr 12:00PM - 12:59PMEvans 70Jingyi Wang16559
111 DISMoWeFr 01:00PM - 01:59PMLatimer 105Michael J Yeh16560
112 DISMoWeFr 01:00PM - 01:59PMEvans 70Jingyi Wang16561
113 DISMoWeFr 03:00PM - 03:59PMEvans 70Jeffrey Stephen Hicks16527
114 DISMoWeFr 03:00PM - 03:59PMLatimer 105Justin Thomas Brereton16536
115 DISMoWeFr 04:00PM - 04:59PMEvans 70Jeffrey Stephen Hicks16537
116 DISMoWeFr 05:00PM - 05:59PMEvans 70Justin Thomas Brereton16538
117 DISMoWeFr 05:00PM - 05:59PMLatimer 105Ahmad Zareei16539
118 DISMoWeFr 04:00PM - 04:59PMEvans 4Ahmad Zareei46740
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Prerequisites: Mathematics 1B

Description: Parametric equations and polar coordinates. Vectors in 2- and 3-dimensional Euclidean spaces. Partial derivatives. Multiple integrals. Vector calculus. Theorems of Green, Gauss, and Stokes.

Office: 817 Evans

Office Hours: to be announced

Required Text: Stewart, Multivariable Calculus: Early Transcendentals, UC Berkeley custom edition, 8th edition, Cengage Learning. (ISBN: 978-1-305-75645-8). Regular edition is fine. 7th edition is also fine.

Grading: Weekly homework and quizzes 25%; two midterms 25% each; final exam 25%; the lowest midterm can be dropped and replaced by the final exam grade. There will be no make-up exams. Make sure to read the detailed course policy for important information.

Homework: Weekly

Course Webpage: https://math.berkeley.edu/~auroux/53f17/