Fall 2017 MATH 249 001 LEC

Algebraic Combinatorics
001 LECMoWeFr 03:00PM - 03:59PMCory 289Mark Haiman21837
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Prerequisites: 250A or consent of instructor

Description: I will focus this year on combinatorics associated with Coxeter groups and root systems.  In the course of this we will still encounter many of the traditional topics, but with a different point of view and more contact with current research.

Catalog Description: (I) Enumeration, generating functions and exponential structures, (II) Posets and lattices, (III) Geometric combinatorics, (IV) Symmetric functions, Young tableaux, and connections with representation theory. Further study of applications of the core material and/or additional topics, chosen by instructor.

Office: 855 Evans

Office Hours: Mondays 12-1:30

Required Text: Material to be presented in lectures

Recommended Reading: See course web page

Grading: Letter grade, based on homework, no exams.

Homework: Assigned at irregular intervals, generally due 2-3 weeks after assigned.

Course Webpage: https://math.berkeley.edu/~mhaiman/math249-fall17