Fall 2017 MATH 241 241 LEC

Complex Manifolds
241 LECMoWeFr 03:00PM - 03:59PMEvans 4John W. Lott45432
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Prerequisites: 214 and 215A

Description: Riemann surfaces, divisors and line bundles on Riemann surfaces, sheaves and the Dolbeault theorem on Riemann surfaces, the classical Riemann-Roch theorem, theorem of Abel-Jacobi. Complex manifolds, Kahler metrics. Summary of Hodge theory, groups of line bundles, additional topics such as Kodaira's vanishing theorem, Lefschetz hyperplane theorem.

Office: 897 Evans

Office Hours: TBD

Required Text: "Riemann Surfaces" by Simon Donaldson and "Complex Geometry" by Daniel Huybrechts. A PDF of the latter is available for free through the library.

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Grading: Letter grade.

Homework: Weekly homework will be given.

Course Webpage: https://math.berkeley.edu/~lott/teaching.html