Fall 2016 MATH 240 001 LEC

Riemannian Geometry
001 LECMoWeFr 4:00PM - 4:59PMEvans 2John Lott19117
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Prerequisites: 214

Description: Riemannian metric and Levi-Civita connection, geodesics and completeness, curvature, first and second variations of arc length, Cartan-Hadamard theorem and the second fundamental form. This will take up the first half of the semester. The rest of the course will be an introduction to comparison geometry.

Office: 897 Evans

Office Hours: M3-4,W5-6

Required Text: "Riemannian Manifolds'' by John Lee

Recommended Reading: "Riemannian Comparison Constructions'' by Hermann Karcher

Grading: 70% homework, 20% talk, 10% attendance at talks

Homework: There will be weekly homework

Course Webpage: https://math.berkeley.edu/~lott/math240.html