Fall 2016 MATH 10A 002 LEC

Methods of Mathematics: Calculus, Statistics, and Combinatorics
002 LECMoWeFr 12:00PM - 12:59PMDwinelle 155Richard Bamler18079
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201 DISTuTh 8:00AM - 9:29AMLatimer 105Miquel Crusells Girona19000
202 DISTuTh 8:00AM - 9:29AMHearst Field Annex B1Amelia Farid19001
203 DISTuTh 8:00AM - 9:29AMDwinelle 234 19002
204 DISTuTh 5:00PM - 6:29PMCory 285Benjamin Castle18979
205 DISTuTh 8:00AM - 9:29AMBarrows 110Benjamin Castle18980
206 DISTuTh 6:30PM - 7:59PMDwinelle 228Markus Vasquez18981
207 DISTuTh 12:30PM - 1:59PMEvans 81Miquel Crusells Girona18982
208 DISTuTh 12:30PM - 1:59PMEvans 85Christopher Miller18983
209 DISTuTh 5:00PM - 6:29PMLatimer 121Katrina Biele18086
211 DISTuTh 3:30PM - 4:59PMEvans 6Markus Vasquez18088
212 DISTuTh 3:30PM - 4:59PMEvans 71Katrina Biele18089
213 DISTuTh 5:00PM - 6:29PMEvans 2 18090
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Prerequisites: Three and one-half years of high school math, including trigonometry and analytic geometry

Description: This sequence is intended for majors in the life sciences. Introduction to differential and integral calculus of functions of one variable. Representation of data, elementary probability theory, statistical models, and testing.


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Grading: Letter grade. Final exam required.


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