Fall 2015 MATH 198BC 001 DIS

Berkeley Connect
001 DISW 7-8P 31 EVANSMARTINEZ, M54395
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1: PFNONELimit:20 Enrolled:19 Waitlist:0 Avail Seats:1 [on 10/04/15]

Restrictions: JR, SR

Note: This section of Berkeley Connect is intended for upper division students (juniors and seniors). Also open to junior transfers.

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Syllabus: Berkeley Connect is a mentoring program, offered through various academic departments, that helps students build intellectual community. Over the course of a semester, enrolled students participate in regular small-group discussions facilitated by a graduate student mentor (following a faculty-directed curriculum), meet with their graduate student mentor for one-on-one academic advising, attend lectures and panel discussions featuring department faculty and alumni, and go on


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