Fall 2015 MATH 185 003 LEC

Introduction to Complex Analysis
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Prerequisites: 104.


The main point of this course is to study functions from the  complex plane (or open subsets of it) to itself, specially differentiable functions. As it turns out this notion which is familiar from calculus -when we deal with functions from the real line to itself- has now unexpected consequences: for instance being once differentiable makes you infinitely differentiable.

This subtle change makes the theory of functions of a complex variable into an extremely powerful tool in all areas of mathematics: geometry, number theory, analysis and all sort of physical applications, etc.
I expect students to become active participants in class, and I encourage   everyone to take a look at the book before coming to lecture. I will prepare a detailed syllabus that will make clear what section of the book we will cover on any given day.


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Required Text: Complex analysis, Ted Gamelin, Springer.

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Grading:  Grades will be based on homework (30%), two midterms (15% each) and a final (40%).

Homework: There will be a steady amount of homework taken from the book. 

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