Fall 2015 MATH 126 001 LEC

Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
001 LECMWF 8-9A 3106 ETCHEVERRY (effective 09/02/15)CALDER, J W54257
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Prerequisites: 53 and 54.

Syllabus: Partial differential equations (PDE) are ubiquitous in science, engineering and physics. Applications include traffic flow, heat diffusion, wave propagation, quantum mechanics, computer vision, image processing, and optimal control theory. This course is a basic introduction to partial differential equations. Topics to be covered include waves, diffusion, Laplace's equation, Fourier series and Fourier transform techniques, numerical methods for PDE, Green's functions, distributions, and some topics in nonlinear PDE, such as shock waves, conservation laws, and the calculus of variations. 

Office: 1053 Evans

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Required Text: Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction (1st or 2nd Edition), Walter Strauss.

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Course Webpage: https://math.berkeley.edu/~jcalder/126F15