Fall 2014 MATH H110 001 LEC

Honors Linear Algebra
001 LECTuTh 330-5P 6 EVANSBAMLER, R H54194
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420: FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2014 7-10PLimit:39 Enrolled:30 Waitlist:0 Avail Seats:9 [on 10/09/14]

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Prerequisites: 54 or a course with equivalent linear algebra content.

Syllabus: Honors section corresponding to course 110 for exceptional students with strong mathematical inclination and motivation. Emphasis is on rigor, depth, and hard problems.


Office Hours: TBA

Textbook: Jennifer Harrison, Universal Linear Algebra for students of mathematics and physics, available as pdf

Grading: TBA

Homework: available here

Course Webpage: see bcourses

Topics: basic concepts, vector spaces, subspaces, quotients, direct sums of vector spaces, linear maps, algebras, range and kernel, complementary subspaces, universal properties, linear independence, bases, dimension, linear independence, bases, dimension, rank-nullity Theorem, matrices, dual spaces, free vector spaces, tensor products, symmetric algebra, exterior algebra, determinants, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, Jordan form, Cayley-Hamilton's Theorem, inner products, orthonormal bases, Gram-Schmidt reduction, Spectral Theorem, positive operators, the exterior algebra