Fall 2014 MATH 222A 001 LEC

Partial Differential Equations
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Prerequisites: 105 or 202A or equivalent (may be taken concurrently)

Syllabus: The theory of boundary value and initial value problems for partial differential equations, with emphasis on nonlinear equations. The theory of distributions,  Fourier transform, Laplace's equation, heat equation, wave equation, nonlinear first-order equations, conservation laws, Hamilton-Jacobi equations, Sobolev spaces.

Office: Evans 841

Office Hours:  Thursday 10-11:30

Required Text: The analysis of linear partial differential operators, volume 1, by Lars Hormander, and Partial Differential Equations (second edition), by L.C. Evans

Recommended Reading: M.E. Taylor, Partial Differential Equations, vol. 1-3

Grading: Homework, midterm and final, equally weighted.

Homework: Assigned weekly/byweekly online.

Course Webpage:  https://bcourses.berkeley.edu/courses/1267824