Fall 2014 MATH 1A 003 LEC

003 LECMWF 2-3P 155 DWINELLEHALD, O H53402
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415: THURSDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2014 3-6PLimit:479 Enrolled:455 Waitlist:0 Avail Seats:24 [on 10/09/14]

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301 DISTuTh 8-930A 5 EVANSCHEN, K53405
302 DISTuTh 8-930A 200 WHEELERQIN, Y53408
303 DISTuTh 8-930A 81 EVANSRUSS-NAVARRO, K53411
304 DISTuTh 11-1230P 61 EVANSRUSS-NAVARRO, K53414
305 DISTuTh 11-1230P 55 EVANSKILEEL, J D53417
306 DISTuTh 330-5P 2 EVANSVOELLMER, A S53420
307 DISTuTh 1230-2P 210 WHEELERGAGNON, A C53423
308 DISTuTh 1230-2P 6 EVANSSMYTH, K A53426
309 DISTuTh 1230-2P 228 DWINELLEKILEEL, J D53429
310 DISTuTh 5-630P 109 WHEELERVOELLMER, A S53432
311 DISTuTh 5-630P 103 WHEELERHALLMAN, E R53435
312 DISTuTh 8-930A 247 DWINELLEHALLMAN, E R53438
313 DISTuTh 330-5P 45 EVANSJOHNSON, W A53441
314 DISTuTh 5-630P 55 EVANSQIN, Y53444
315 DISTuTh 5-630P 61 EVANSJOHNSON, W A53447
316 DISTuTh 5-630P 45 EVANSSMYTH, K A53450
317 DISTuTh 11-1230P 81 EVANSGAGNON, A C53452
318 DISTuTh 930-11A 2 EVANSCHEN, K53302
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Prerequisites: Three and one-half years of high school math, including trigonometry and analytic geometry, plus a satisfactory grade in one of the following: CEEB MAT test, an AP test, the UC/CSU math diagnostic test, or 32. Consult the mathematics department for details. Students with AP credit should consider choosing a course more advanced than 1A.

Syllabus: This sequence is intended for majors in engineering and the physical sciences. An introduction to differential and integral calculus of functions of one variable, with applications and an introduction to transcendental functions.


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