Fall 2013 MATH 191 001 SEM

Experimental Courses in Mathematics
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Prerequisites: Consent of instructor.

Syllabus:  This is Putnam Workshop. Putnam Mathematical Competition is a Mathematical Olympiad for college students. The class will function as a seminar pursuing two goals. One is, using the materials of past Putnam competitions as bait, to advance student's understanding of basic subjects of upper-division  math curriculum: first of all - linear algebra, as well as some topics in algebra, geometry and analysis. The other one is raising student's confidence in solving challenging problems. For practicing in this area, we plan to use the materials of math Olympiads of high-school level (rather than Putnam problems - which are available online anyway).

There will be no final exam, but students are expected to take part in the mock- and then real Putnam Exam of this year. Grading in the course will be based not on the results of these 'exams', but on the consistency in submitting homework and participating in classroom discussions.


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