Fall 2013 MATH 128A 001 LEC

Numerical Analysis
001 LECTuTh 8-930A 2040 VALLEY LSBRIEFFEL, M A54243
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102 DISW 9-10A B3A EVANSGANNOT, O54249
103 DISW 10-11A B3A EVANSKERBER, A J54252
104 DISW 11-12P B3A EVANSKERBER, A J54255
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Prerequisites: Math 53 and 54.

Syllabus: Programming for numerical calculations, round-off error, approximation and interpolation, numerical quadrature, and solution of ordinary differential equations. Practice on the computer.

Office: 811 Evans

Office Hours:  TBA

Required Text: Numerical Analysis, 2nd ed, Timothy Sauer, Pearson Pub., 2011

Recommended: The MATLAB Student Version (if you have your own computer). We expect that there will be some free hours available in a computer lab equipped with MATLAB in which students can do their computer exercises, if they prefer not to use their own computer.

Course description: This is a mathematics course, and so the emphasis is on how to obtain effective methods for computation, and on analyzing when methods will, and will not, work well (in contrast to just learning methods and applying them). You will have an easier time with the course if you review Taylor's theorem and ordinary differential equations before the course begins. The programming exercises are to be done in MATLAB, but no prior knowledge of MATLAB will be assumed, and help will be provided for learning the relatively small amount of MATLAB that will be needed for the course. (But if you can learn a bit of MATLAB before the course begins, that will make the course easier.) 

Grading: There will be homework, which will count for 10% of the course grade, and there will be programming exercises, which will count for 20% of the course grade. There will be 2 midterm exams, which will each count for 15% of the course grade. There will be a final examination, which will count for 40% of the course grade. Makeup midterm exams will not be given; instead, if you tell me ahead of time that you must miss a midterm exam, then the final exam and the other midterm exam will count more to make up for it. If you do not tell me ahead of time, then you will need to bring me a doctor's note or equivalent to try to avoid a score of 0. If you miss both midterm exams the circumstances will need to be truly extraordinary to avoid a score of 0 on at least one of them. There will be no early or make-up final examination. Students who need special accommodation for examinations should bring me the appropriate paperwork, and must tell me at least a week in advance of each exam what specific accommodation they need, so that I will have enough time to arrange it.

Homework: Homework will be assigned at almost every class meeting, due at the section meeting the following week.

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